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2019 Free Agency: Senorise Perry contract numbers

The free agent special teamer should be a cheap option for training camp.

As expected when signed, free agent running back/special teams ace Senorise Perry received a minimal contract from the Buffalo Bills with minimal guarantees.

According to Spotrac, he has received a $50,000 signing bonus, and is due a $40,000 workout bonus and $720,000 salary for the 2019 season. His cap hit will be $810,000, with a potential $50,000 dead money hit if released before the season starts.

Perry looks to be a cheap addition to training camp, with no commitment to a roster spot come the regular season. His tenure with the team will be dictated by the value of the roster spot he’s occupying, not the money he’s due.

It’s the third-highest cap hit among running backs on the team, but only because younger players have cheaper minimum contracts. Marcus Murphy ($720,000) and Keith Ford ($570,000) are behind him in salary.


Signing bonus: $50,000
Workout bonus: $40,000
Salary: $720,000

Cap hit: $810,000
Dead money if cut: $50,000 if released before workouts, $90,000 after