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Plays that defined 2018: Green Bay Packers

The plays that defined the Buffalo Bills’ loss to the Green Bay Packers

With the 2018 NFL season in the books, we look back at the year and our beloved Buffalo Bills. Every week is a story, and we bring this to you through the lens of key plays that defined each game. Your Week 4 match-up:

Buffalo Bills at Green Bay Packers

Attention everyone! The season isn’t lost. The Buffalo Bills trounced the Minnesota Vikings, rebounding nicely from bad losses in Week 1 and Week 2. Josh Allen looked good, the defense was insane and clearly those blowouts are a thing of the past. Watch out, Green Bay Packers! The Bills are coming for you. What’s the worst that could happen? A shutout? Ah ha ha aha ha ha ha haaaaa! Riiiiiiight.

Chris Ivory run for no gain (Q1, 13:31)

The best way to help out a rookie quarterback is to take pressure off with an effective running game. That never materialized in Green Bay as the Bills rushed for only 58 yards (sadly, not their worst game). Buffalo could have set the tone early with a sustained drive and faced 3rd-and-1 on their first series. Even with Chris Ivory taking the hand-off and Patrick DiMarco blocking, the Bills failed to convert. Out of 16 attempts on 3rd down, they would convert only three.

Josh Allen incomplete pass (Q1, 8:05)

The defense held and forced a Green Bay punt. Buffalo came out passing, attempting a throw three times in a row until this incompletion forced another Buffalo punt. Not only was it the third throw in a row, it was the third incomplete pass in a row. Josh Allen struggled early and never recovered in one of his worst games of the season. A sub-50% completion rate and 151 yards through the air did nothing to cover for the poor running game.

Jordan Poyer interception (Q2, 8:43)

Down by only 13 in the second quarter, a small spark could have ignited big things for the Bills. Tremaine Edmunds showed off the height and timing that would lead to a semi-routine habit of tipping passes. The flight path was altered just enough to make Jimmy Graham miss out on what should have been an easy catch. Instead, Jordan Poyer ended up with the ball and took it to midfield. Buffalo would force two turnovers, but the woeful offense couldn’t capitalize.

Josh Allen interception (Q2, 0:56)

After trading punts the Bills were on the move now. At the 20-yard line and only down by two scores, Buffalo was primed for makin’ it happen now. Josh Allen was flushed out of the pocket and rolled right. Refusing to give up on the play, Allen threw this pass across his body that fell way short of Zay Jones. Instead of the Bills getting a quick score before halftime, Green Bay got into position to extend their lead to 16. Buffalo gave up the ball three times, killing some of their best chances to put up points.

Josh Allen sacked (Q3, 0:13)

The defense was holding up well despite the offensive effort. While unlikely, a three-score fourth quarter wouldn’t be unheard of. Josh Allen had been pressured all day, and suffered the worst sack of the game in the play above. Losing 16 yards, it didn’t just stall the drive—it blew the motor. Allen would end up being sacked seven times for 64 yards. As a reminder, that’s more than the Bills rushed for.


Which play best defines the Buffalo Bills’ shutout loss to the Green Bay Packers?

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  • 23%
    Chris Ivory run for no gain
    (94 votes)
  • 6%
    Josh Allen incomplete pass
    (26 votes)
  • 3%
    Jordan Poyer interception and return
    (14 votes)
  • 35%
    Josh Allen throws interception
    (145 votes)
  • 30%
    Josh Allen sacked for a loss of 16
    (124 votes)
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