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Plays that defined the 2018 Buffalo Bills: Houston Texans

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The plays that defined a roller-coaster loss to the Houston Texans

With the 2018 NFL season in the books, we look back at the year and our beloved Buffalo Bills. Every week is a story, and we bring this to you through the lens of key plays that defined each game. Your Week 6 match-up:

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans

After completing their first game in 2018 decided by only one score, the Buffalo Bills traveled to Houston to take on the Texans. The southern bovine-themed team was starting to come alive. After losing three straight, the Texans had taken their last two opponents to overtime where Houston prevailed both times. Defense and turnovers were the stars of the day as these two teams locked horns. When the dust had settled, the Bills lost the game and more.

Lorenzo Alexander/Kyle Williams sack Deshaun Watson (Q2, 1:35)

Deshaun Watson had a bad day. Including this one, the Bills had a seven-sack day. Watson fumbled three times, losing one. The constant harassment by the Buffalo defense shut down the Houston passing game. The Texans mustered only 142 net passing yards. Their ground game was held to 74 yards and the Bills’ defense put together a performance that should win most weeks. And that’s not all...

Lorenzo Alexander interception (Q3, 14:30)

Deshaun Watson was picked off twice. The first ended the second quarter and prevented a near certain score for the Texans. This one in the early third quarter led to Buffalo’s first scoring drive (Stephen Hauschka field goal). On the pick, Lorenzo Alexander times his swat expertly and the ball comes right back to him. The long pause in the clip celebrates “Air ‘Zo” and immortalizes a perfect moment when two teams’ full attention came to a single point.

Josh Allen injured (Q3, 3:31)

As a general policy, plays that include injuries are either avoided entirely or edited to remove the actual cause. The series is a celebration of sorts and injuries shouldn’t be a part of that. For this one time, I just can’t avoid it though. The slow-starting Bills are starting to come back. Houston has yet to score in the second half and the Bills are only down by seven. Josh Allen fires one of his best passes of the season to gain 39 yards. After the ball is released Allen is illegally hit by Jadeveon Clowney and Whitney Mercilus. Allen kept himself in for one more play then exited—for a month and a half.

Nathan Peterman touchdown to Zay Jones (Q4, 13:07)

Following the injury to Allen, the offense, led by Nathan Peterman, moved the ball enough to get into field-goal range again. Now only down by four, Trent Murphy had managed to dislodge the ball while he and Jerry Hughes brought down Deshaun Watson again. Harrison Phillips recovered on the Houston 32-yard line and the Bills were in prime scoring position. The running game moved the ball halfway to the goal where Nathan Peterman found an open Zay Jones on this pass. The Bills had the lead.

Nathan Peterman interception (Q4, 1:30)

The two teams traded punts, but afterward the Texans moved in quickly to score a field goal. Now tied, the Bills had 90 seconds to burn while trying to get into field-goal range for the win. It didn’t happen. Down by seven following this play, the Bills had 1:16 to stage an attempt to tie the game. Lucky for Buffalo, the second Peterman interception was only returned for 13 yards.


Which play best defines the Bills loss to the Houston Texans?

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    Josh Allen injury
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    Peterman to Jones TD
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    Nathan Peterman interception
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