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Buffalo Bills’ most overrated players

Let’s discuss which players don’t deserve their enhanced reputation

The 2019 OTAs are in full swing, which means we’ve reached one of the slow points of the NFL offseason. It seems to me that there’s no better time to discuss some of the more ‘controversial’ topics regarding our favorite NFL team. Today, we’re going to have a debate about those players who we think are the most ‘overrated’ on the team. That is, which players don’t have reputations higher than they actually deserve. Below are five options, but feel free to discuss additional names in the comments.

WR Robert Foster

Foster was deemed expendable by the team last October, reportedly due to his lackadaisical work ethic before and during practices. After being signed to the practice squad, he was motivated by LeSean McCoy and managed to turn over a new leaf and start producing. That turnaround, along with his athleticism, has fans excited. But is there any guarantee that he can stay motivated to keep working and improve? Also, with John Brown joining the team, Foster might not be able to hold on to his role as the designated deep threat for Josh Allen.

CB Levi Wallace

Similar to Foster, Wallace was an undrafted free agent from Alabama and became a starter during the middle of the season. Unlike Foster though, Wallace has real physical limitations that will always hold his career back. Despite acquitting himself well, Wallace was rarely targeted in the seven games he played. Now, the team has signed E.J. Gaines as well as former first-round pick Kevin Johnson, who is already drawing rave reviews in OTAs. Wallace will be in a battle to even start the season as the number-two corner outside of Tre’Davious White.

LB Matt Milano

The best ability is availability. It’s a mantra that’s constantly repeated in football and a creed that Matt Milano has yet to live up to. Whenever he’s been on the field, Milano looks like a very good starter at weak side linebacker, especially for a fifth-round pick. However, Milano has yet to finish a season healthy, and it will be tough for the team to rely on him for that reason. The team also brought in some real competition for him by drafting Vosean Joseph.

DT Star Lotulelei

17 total tackles. It’s borderline shameful for a defensive tackle, on that salary, to only have 17 tackles. For comparison, backup Harrison Phillips had more than twice as many tackles despite seeing 100 less snaps on the field. Fans are quick to point out that Lotulelei is a run-stuffer but the fact that the team finished middle-of-the-pack in run defense doesn’t help his case.

RB LeSean McCoy

McCoy’s 2018 season has already been gone over Ad nauseam, so I won’t repeat it. Was his season an augur of things to come, or was it a symptom of the team’s lack of good run blockers? Those questions may never be answered, because suddenly he’s competing for snaps against another veteran in Frank Gore and a fresh rookie in Devin Singletary, and he has an offensive coordinator known for heavy rotations at the position.