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Circling the Wagons: Game of Thrones Series Finale & Buffalo Bills Part 1

Let’s talk Game of Thrones and Bills

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In this episode, we discuss the culturally significant series Game of Thrones that just ended this past week. We talk about the series itself, whether we enjoyed the ending or not, and other series finales from shows with cult followings that either pleased or disappointed its fans.

**WARNING: There are spoilers to Game of Thrones (and The Sopranos, How I Met Your Mother, and The Office)**

Then we discuss a couple of parallels between the characters and events in Game of Thrones that directly link to a player, person, or event related to the Buffalo Bills (currently, or in history). Which Bills player/personality reminds you of Ned Stark? What about Daenerys’s ending to the series? What event in Bills history reminds you of that?

Thanks to Nick from The Torrent Podcast (@TheTorrentPod) for coming on and talking Game of Thrones with us! Stay tuned for next week when we spend the entire episode delving into and analyzing different parallels between the show’s characters and Bills players (past and present), front office personnel, owners, and historical events. Go Bills!

Additional Topics Include: Ned (Eddard) Stark, character arcs, Jaime Lannister, George R.R. Martin, Hodor, the petition to re-shoot Season 8, Daenerys Targaryen, Brienne of Tarth, Lost, Lord of the Rings, chess vs checkers, Aaron Rodgers gives his opinion on the show, White Walkers, dire wolf/wolves, Samwell Tarly, Tormund, incest, Cersei Lannister, Wildlings, Seinfeld, Breaking Bad, The Leftovers, HBO Now, Little Finger/Petyr Baelish, Lady Arryn, binge watching, cat’s paw dagger, King Joffrey, Ramsay Bolton, break the wheel, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots.

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