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Jim Kelly spending time in Buffalo Bills’ quarterback room during offseason

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The Bills are doing their homework on the K-Gun as they build up their playbook.

The Buffalo Bills, building up a support network for second-year quarterback Josh Allen, are once again leaning on franchise legend Jim Kelly for consultation. Along with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, and the newly-hired former U of Miami star Ken Dorsey as quarterbacks coach, the team has allowed Kelly to sit in the meeting room with the quarterbacks during their offseason classroom training.

Speaking at his annual golf tournament, Kelly told reporters that he’s “been in a couple meetings with them, and we’ve gone over some of the things [the Bills] used to do back when [he] played in the K-Gun.”

Kelly added that the team was reviewing footage from the Super Bowl seasons, and that they were considering using some of the play designs in their own playbook.

Kelly is no stranger to offering his opinions to the Buffalo Bills in the past, and the Bills haven’t hesitated to link with the teams of the ‘90s, either for motivation or inspiration. The most noteworthy instance came during the 2009 season, when offensive coordinator Turk Schonert planned a full-on no-huddle offense inspired by the K-Gun, with Trent Edwards under center, only to be abruptly fired before the season began.

Kelly had plenty of praise for Buffalo’s young quarterback during his time with reporters. He mentioned the arm and athleticism, but also praised him for his demeanor in the huddle and the way he coaches up his teammates between reps. Kelly also offered some feedback for Allen, encouraging him to take chances prudently, knowing that “the difference between a 20 or 30-yard run” could be the difference between missing a couple games—or not.