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Mike Rodak leaving the Buffalo Bills beat in July

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As of July 2019, Mike Rodak will no longer be covering the Buffalo Bills

Today, Mike Rodak announced via Twitter that he will soon be departing the Buffalo area. Citing the development of his wife’s career “as she transitions from her medical residency at” University of Buffalo, the Rodak family will be moving to Birmingham. This geographical change will also be accompanied by a career one. Specifically, Mike Rodak will no longer be covering the Buffalo Bills.

Mike Rodak indicates he has already informed ESPN of his family’s decision. In anticipation of this change, ESPN has hired Marcel Louis-Jacques. Currently a beat writer for The Charlotte Observer, Louis-Jacques provides coverage of the Carolina Panthers, continuing the pipeline that opened up when the Buffalo Bills hired Sean McDermott.

Mike Rodak thanked the Buffalo Bills’ Public Relations division “for their help to all of us on the beat.” Rodak continued his farewell with “I’ve had fun calling Buffalo home the past six years and will miss the friends I’ve made.” The transition for Buffalo Bills fans will occur in July.