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Former Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito suspended two games

Incognito’s post-Buffalo troubles continue

The NFL chose to suspend former Buffalo Bills guard and current Oakland Raider Richie Incognito for two games for “violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy” according to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter. The suspension stems from a fracas that took place in Arizona last summer following the death of Incognito’s father, between the then-free agent and the funeral home where services were being prepared. Incognito was arrested and subsequently plead guilty to disorderly conduct.

According to the police filing at the time of the incident, Incognito reportedly said he wanted his father’s head cut off for research purposes. Witnesses told police that Incognito was supposed to sign cremation papers, but was unwilling to cooperate initially. He then proceeded to walk through the funeral home “punching caskets and throwing things.” One of the employees of the funeral home said that Incognito “made a gesture and said he was going to kill somebody here and said he had guns in his truck.”

After being cut by the Bills in 2017, Incognito retired, then unretired and spent a portion of the 2018 season working out in the hopes of being signed by another team. In late May, the Oakland Raiders and their general manager Mike Mayock decided to swoop in and pick him up. The Raiders must have been very much aware that a suspension was possible and are not likely to move on from Incognito because of this news.