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Buffalo Bills fantasy football team names, 2019 edition

What is your fantasy football team named?

When joining a fantasy football league, one of the key, if not most important, contributions you can make to your league is a clever team name. What goes into a good team name? Well, first, it should represent you as a fan—so as a Buffalo Bills fan, there ought to be some connection. Second, the name you choose should be a smart reference to the team. If your team name is “The Josh Allens”, it’s a little on the nose. Consider something a little more dynamic, a little more obscure, but don’t be a hipster about it. And third, make sure your name is funny, whether that humor is a bad pun or perhaps some self-deprecation to warm up the room. Listed below in three categories are some suggestions for Buffalo Bills-related fantasy-football names.

Team names for the competitive “Average Joe” fantasy player

  • Josh Allen’s Shorts
  • Sean & the Clap
  • This Levy Don’t Break
  • Jordan Philip Banks & Geoffrey
  • “Runaround Sue” - Dion Dawkins
  • Change in Daboll
  • Drums Beat Flats
  • Mr. Jones and Me
  • Horrible Harry, Duke of Sussex
  • Levi’s 501 Original Fit
  • Help Me, Dr. Zayus!
  • Some People Call Me Maurice Alexander
  • Talley Up Those Wins!
  • Gotta Know The Lawson
  • Wins Smell Like Cheerios
  • Patrick Star Lotulelei
  • Famous Ray-Ray’s Pizza
  • Spelling Nsekhe
  • Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies
  • Buffalo Foster Care
  • Morse Code
  • Eli Harold lama Sabachthani!
  • and of course, the old classic, The Bills Are Due ... which they are.

Team names for that guy who checks his roster a quarter of the season but after a couple of losses stops making changes all together

  • The Fighting Vontaes
  • Fitzy After Five Games
  • Boneless Wings
  • Douglas Charles Marrone
  • O.J. On Twitter
  • The Wide Righters
  • Thurman’s Helmet

Team names for when you invite your kid, wife, and friend who doesn’t know anything about football so you can use them as a farm team

What will your fantasy football team name be this year? Any clear oversights? Let us know in the comments below!