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Circling the Wagons: Embedded Season 2 discussion with producer Michelle Girardi Zumwalt

Embedded Season 2 premieres tonight! Listen to what you can expect to see.

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In this episode of Circling the Wagons, we talk about the premiere of Embedded Season 2 with Pegula Sports & Entertainment Emmy award-winning supervising producer Michelle Girardi Zumwalt. She discusses her time working for NFL Films and the difference between Embedded and her work on HBO’s Hard Knocks. We also discuss the differences in Season 1 and Season 2, what fans can expect, the ability and process to get players on camera (is it difficult?), having Kyle Williams narrate, and Michelle’s start with NFL Films by her blog work with the Bills Backers bar in NYC. Go Bills!

Follow Michelle on Twitter (@chellegz) and find all of her work on the Bills YouTube channel and as Embedded Season 2 premieres Sunday, July 21st at 7 pm Eastern and gives us behind-the-scenes access of players, coaching staff, and front office from free agency through the draft & more!

Additional topics include: Tremaine Edmunds, Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer, Josh Allen, Shaq Lawson, Tre White’s Goalie Academy, Beyond Blue and Red, Playoff Caliber: End of the Drought, and Netflix.

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