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Nick & Nolan Special: Del Reid & stingers

It’s the greatest abomination served on a roll

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For their first stop along the #NickandNolantakeBuffalo food tour, Del Reid joined Nick & Bruce for Stingers and cheese steaks from Jim’s Steakout. Del is a founder of #billsmafia and has done more for WNY families and foundations than most through his company 26shirts. It was our privilege to learn more about how he views his work, what its like working with media & players, serving the families who benefit from the shirts he sells, and what makes him optimistic about the 2019 Bills. Soundbites only in the beginning because Del’s wisdom deserved to stand on it’s own. #gobills #billsmafia #buffalobills #bills

As for the Stingers, we wouldn’t want to ruin the moment for you, as it was recorded live when Bruce unwrapped the abominable creation of man that serves as the gluttony fuel for many 4:15 a.m. night caps. We’ll simply let you enjoy the moment as much as we did.

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