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Buffalo Bills Training Camp 2019: Day 4 live chat

We have boots on the ground again today.

It’s the last day of the first four-day set of Buffalo Bills training camp. The pads went on yesterday and the intensity ratcheted up at practice, with our first shoving match and our first legal hits.

While John Brown and Josh Allen are forming quite the connection with the first-team offense, Tremaine Edmunds is garnering plenty of praise in the middle of the defense. It’s a very optimistic time for Bills fans and the buzz around the team is beginning to grow.

Practice begins at 9:45 a.m. Eastern and we will have you covered with live updates from a multitude of reporters on Twitter. Our Senior Editor, Sean Murphy, will be live at training camp today with updates. Leslie Frazier will meet the media at 9:15 a.m. Eastern.

Note: The embedded list below removes the original tweets in both quote-tweets and responses, so it can be a little hard to follow at times. If you want to see all the info, click on through to Twitter here.