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Bills vs Panthers joint practices: Day 1 open thread

It’s time for some practice!

The Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers hit the field at 9:25 this morning for a joint practice in South Carolina. While Bills fans and media are welcomed in Carolina, we know a lot of you folks can’t make it down there.

Today’s open thread will feature lots of information in the Twitter stream, so keep it locked in.

According to Panthers coach Ron Rivera, the teams will warm up separately using the three practice fields before the Carolina defense works with the Buffalo offense and vice versa with the other half of the squads. Just like in camp, they will work individually, positionally, in passing and running shell, and full-team sessions. There will be no full-contact practices, however.

The Bills and Panthers face off Friday night in the teams’ second preseason game.

Note: The embedded list below removes the original tweets in both quote-tweets and responses, so it can be a little hard to follow at times. If you want to see all the info, click on through to Twitter here.