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Nick & Nolan: who we hate & why

Football is back. So are the teams and people we root against. Let’s commiserate together.

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Nick and Nolan Site

Nick & Nolan review all the different categories and reasons we come to hate the teams, coaches, players, and others in the sports world who we all love to hate. The people who have wronged us, the long-running rivalries, the trolls, and the dirty players. From the historical to the petty, Nick & Nolan go through all those who stick in their craw for one reason or another. Tons of soundbites and tons of visceral rehashing old wounds.

Nick makes fun of Bruce for it but, as always, the most important interrogatives are HOW and WHY. Let’s dive into both of them. Whether you hate hating, love hating, hate loving, or love loving, you’ll find something in this pod. Appearances by Bryan Cox, Tom Brady, Jarvis Landy, Rob Gronkowski, and the sitting President of the United States.

Come for the knowledge and stay for the soundbites. #gobills #billsmafia #buffalobills #bills

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