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Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions: second half open thread

Let’s chat about the second half of the dress rehearsal

Come in and chat about the second half of what’s already been an eventful game. The Buffalo Bills mysteriously have the lead after an injury- and penalty-ridden first half that featured less than inspiring play from our beloved Bills.

There were murmurs from Eric Wood that McDermott likes to play the starters for at least a drive in the second half to get them used to the halftime routine. After a somewhat disastrous first half we’ll see if that’s the case.

Injuries to Quinton Spain, Frank Gore, and Tre’Davious White many of us are leery at the thought of bringing the starters back out. Sloppy play and penalties galore (which I’ll bring to you soon enough) have made this a game to remember. Spain (ankle) and White (thigh contusion) are out for the remainder of the game.

It hasn’t been all bad with a well-executed hurry-up offense to score at the end of the half. The running backs have mostly looked good and the offensive line has given them better lanes than the 2018 season had us used to.

Let’s get back to it and cross our fingers for a less eventful preseason game. Go Bills!