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Who would be most surprising Buffalo Bills retiree?

With Andrew Luck’s unexpected retirement, who among the Bills would surprise the most in calling it a career?

Surprising retirements aren’t anything new in the NFL. From Jim Brown to Barry Sanders, Robert Smith,and Calvin Johnson, there is a history of star players walking away with something left in the tank.

On Saturday night, however, Andrew Luck sent shock waves around the league when he announced his retirement at the age of 29. Luck had been plagued by injuries the past four years and decided to step away with his body and mind intact.

That got me to thinking: Who would be among the most surprising Buffalo Bills to retire?

I won’t take the low-hanging fruit of Josh Allen, Ed Oliver, Tremaine Edmunds, etc. It would be simple to say the Bills’ young stars. Luck was in his prime, so I am looking at veterans here, and I’ll start with the Bills biggest free agent signing of 2019.

Mitch Morse

Buffalo desperately needed help along the offensive line after last year’s fiasco, and the signing of Morse was widely lauded. When healthy, Morse is a top-five center and provides a massive upgrade.

The when healthy, however, is why i’m choosing Morse. Morse hasn’t practiced most of training camp because of a concussion. He missed five games last year with a concussion, and this one marks four for his career. When it comes to head trauma, players are armed with better information about the long-term affects of blows to the head.

With his history of concussions, an abrupt retirement could occur if/when the next one happens.

Tyler Kroft

You have to feel for Kroft, who simply can’t stay healthy. Before training camp even started he broke his foot... again.

One thing Luck talked about that a lot of former players are applauding him for is the toll injuries and rehab take on not just the body, but the mind. Kroft has to be frustrated at his inability to stay healthy, and another setback could put him on the fast-track to hanging up his cleats.

Lorenzo Alexander

* Knock on wood * Alexander seems to be on the Tom Brady plan, improving as he ages and staying remarkably healthy.

Alexander makes this list simply because he would be the most surprising veteran retirement. His passion for the game hasn’t waned and he has avoided the injury list. Losing 57 would be a blow on the field but, more importantly, also in the locker room. Thankfully, Bills fans don’t have to worry about this one.

I hope.

Who else would shock you if they announced their retirement tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.