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Buffalo Bills training camp 2019 salary cap projection

After training camp, where will our 53-man roster leave the salary cap?

Recently the Buffalo Rumblings pre-training camp 53 man roster projection was published. Through the offseason, team salary camp information has been based on the “Top 51”, or the 51 highest cap hits on our 90-man roster. However, once rosters are reduced to 53 players, every salary and cap hit is counted.

With players who are part of the Top 51 being cut, and lower paid players being kept, where would our salary cap stand with this projected 53 roster?

The Buffalo Bills have a 2019 Adjusted Salary Cap of $200,426,270. The 53 players (54 players if you include Tyler Kroft on PUP) on the final roster come with a total cap hit of 163,599,776. We are currently carrying $8,652,523 of dead money, and the projected cuts to reach 53 players would add another $1,269,723 dead money (plus add $851,356 dead money to 2020’s salary cap).

Adjusted salary cap - $200,426,270

Project 53-man roster salaries - $163,599,776

2019 Dead money - $9,922,246

Available cap space entering season - $26,904,248

As always, it should be noted that any practice squad players, and players signed to the active roster during the season, will reduce the team’s available cap space. And any non-veteran players who are released during the season will add to the available cap space.