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Sean McDermott confirms the pecking order of the running backs for the Buffalo Bills

The running back depth chart stays stagnant despite Singletary’s great performance.

When the Buffalo Bills squeaked out a win in the Meadowlands against the New York Jets, Devin Singletary played a huge role in their comeback efforts. On the heels of Singletary’s productive first game, head coach Sean McDermott says the running back depth chart hasn’t changed just yet.

Q: Who’s your number one running back right now?
A: Frank Gore and then we bring in Devin [Singletary] then we bring in T.J. [Yeldon].

Jerry Sullivan went on to ask if there was a difference between who the number-one back and the feature back. McDermott answered:

“Whoever helps us win games, that’s who our feature back is right?” said McDermott, partially dodging the question.

McDermott was then asked if Gore was the starter on the depth chart out of respect to him and what he has done over his lucrative career.

“We’re trying to win games and whoever is going to carry the load whether its matchup-wise or game plan-wise or health-wise, sometimes that comes into play as well. We have confidence in all three of those guys.”

Singletary only had nine total touches in the game for 98 yards; four carries for 70 yards and five catches for 28 yards. Three of those carries came in the fourth quarter on a drive that finished with a Josh Allen rushing touchdown. Singletary had 50 yards on the ground that drive alone.

When the game was on the line at the end, Gore was the man pounding the rock to run out the clock—likely a move to ensure the football was safe and secure.