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Nick & Nolan: Buffalo Bills scripting plays for Josh Allen, New England Patriots preview

Why does the Bills’ O stall in the third quarter?

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First, Nick & Nolan break down the stories after the victory over the Cincinnati Bengals to get to 3-0. Bruce provides some football 101 about scripting plays and how the offense and defense adjust to what the other is doing. He also explores why Josh Allen is sharper during this portion of the game and how that might relate to the offense stalling out in the third quarter two weeks in a row.

Are the Buffalo Bills good having gotten to 3-0 against opponents who are a collective 1-8? Should playoffs be the expectation? The guys break down their opinions.

Bruce asks “How big is your but?” and compares the 3-0 Bills to the 2008 team that started 5-1.

Finally they tackle the task of how the Bills will defend the New England Patriots and try to find offense no one else has managed against them yet.

Come for the knowledge, stay for the soundbites.

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