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2019 Buffalo Rumblings staff predictions show an optimistic bunch

The staff is ready for the season to begin—are you?

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The 2019 NFL season is upon us, ladies and gentlemen, and the Buffalo Bills are set to kick off at 1 p.m. Eastern against the New York Jets. As a staff, we at Buffalo Rumblings have put together lists of predictions at the beginning of each season for at least as long as I can remember. This season, I was the compiler.

The predictions all signal a change in attitude about the team, as all of us on staff are feeling pretty optimistic about the Bills this year. This is definitely a change from last year, when the general consensus was that the team would struggle for the majority of the season.

Rather than sticking just to the question of Buffalo’s won-loss record, I added a few prop bets in there, as well. I asked everyone to predict who would lead the team in rushing, receiving, sacks, and interceptions. I also asked a series of over-under questions about second-year quarterback Josh Allen: Will he throw for over 3,200 yards? Will he throw for more than 23 touchdown passes? Will he throw more than 14 interceptions? And finally, will he complete more than 58% of his passes?

We’re showing plenty of faith in Cole Beasley and Devin Singletary, but our takes on defense start to diverge a bit. Perhaps it’s because of the amount of talent the Bills have on that side of the ball, but there are a lot of different answers to the question about who will lead the team in interceptions (of course, it could also be because of how random that stat can be...but I digress).

The table below contains our season predictions. I’ll send a copy to @OldTakesExposed if need be.

2019 Rumblings Staff Predictions

Name W-L Record Rush Leader Rec. Leader Sack Leader INT Leader Allen +/-3200 Passing Allen +/- 23 Pass TD Allen +/- 14 INT Allen +/- 58% Comp
Name W-L Record Rush Leader Rec. Leader Sack Leader INT Leader Allen +/-3200 Passing Allen +/- 23 Pass TD Allen +/- 14 INT Allen +/- 58% Comp
Sean Murphy 10-6 Singletary (758) Beasley (93) Murphy (11) Wallace (4) Over; 3,498 Over; 25 Over; 18 Under; 56.3%
SM Gore (8 TD) Brown (1,079)
SM Jones (7 TD)
Dan Lavoie 10-6 Gore (830, 7 TD) Beasley (91) Hughes (9) Poyer (5) Over; 3742 Over; 27 Over, 15 Over, 59.2%
DL Brown (1,012)
DL Brown (8 TD)
Skare 10-6 Singletary, 880, 5 TD Beasley (85 for 900) Hughes (8) Hyde (5) Over 3,520 Under, 21 Over, 15 Over, 58.7%
Matt B (TheAfghanTwilight) 9-7 Gore (1072, 8 TD) Beasley (72) Hughes (14) White (6) Under; 3124 Over; 24 Push; 14 Push; 58%
MB Brown (1015)
MB Beasley (10)
John Boccacino 10-6, wild card berth Gore (765, 6 TD) Beasley (88) Hughes (11) Hyde, Johnson (5 INT) Over, 3,669 Over, 27 Over, 16 Over, 60.1%
JB Singletary (685, 6 TD) Brown (1,107)
Dylan Zadonowicz 9-7 Singletary (780) Beasly (87) Hughes (10.5) Poyer (6) Over; 3876 Over; 26 Under; 13 Under; 57.6%
DZ Gore (5 TD) Brown (1,045)
DZ Jones (9)
Corey Giacovelli 10-6
Matt Warren 9-7 Singletary (650) Beasley (70) Hughes (10) Poyer (5) Over Under Over Under
MRW Gore (5 TD) Jones (750)
MRW Beasley (7 TD)