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New Buffalo Rumblings podcast schedule announced

We can not confirm, nor deny, that Coach McDermott listens to our podcasts during games

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While it may be the offseason for the Buffalo Bills, our schedule of podcasts at Buffalo Rumblings is still going strong. Our team will have you covered each and every week, with our new schedule that will be in place throughout the 2020 NFL Draft.

Each Monday will be a new edition of the Circling the Wagons podcast. Join these three life-long Bills fans as they navigate through the offseason with a blend of news, notes, and a rant or two each episode.

Buffalo Rumblings Q&A will continue each Tuesday, with Matt Warren addressing the topics and questions submitted by our readers. To have your Bills questions answered, you can call 24/7 and leave your questions at 716-508-0405, email at, or send a tweet to @RumblingsQandA.

The Nick and Nolan Show burst onto the scene with Buffalo Rumblings over the summer, and the guys continue to bring opinions, analysis, and sound drops each Wednesday. If you enjoy following the NFL Draft, you will love what the guys have in store this offseason.

Every Thursday is the Mafia Mavens, as Danyel and Robyn share their opinions on everything Buffalo Bills. The ladies bring a fresh and unique perspective each week on a number of hot button topics for Bills fans.

Breaking Buffalo Rumblings will have a new episode each Friday, and will also pop up when there is big news around the Bills. This will include free-agent signings, surprise cuts, and post-draft shows, too.

Rounding out the schedule is Billieve, where John and Jamie come together every week talking Bills. The Billieve podcast will drop each weekend, making sure you have Bills-related podcasts to listen to throughout the week.

Blitzed Bills will also pop in from time to time with new episodes throughout the offseason.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the Buffalo Rumblings podcast channel throughout the regular season. As always, we appreciate your feedback, reviews, and ratings.

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