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2020 Senior Bowl: Winners and losers from the weigh-in

Who muscled their way to the top of the pack?

The 2020 Senior Bowl is upon us, and Tuesday’s activities started with the infamous measurement and weighing of the college prospects turning pro. Size isn’t everything, but it’s still an important pass/fail factor that teams use to classify potential draft picks, which is why hundreds of people sat in bleachers to watch athletes in spandex stroll along a stage onto a scale.

The event usually features standouts at both ends of the size spectrum but, all-in-all, the players at this year’s Senior Bowl had very few weaknesses to pick out. Even the players among this year’s “losers” have a body composition favorable to playing in the pros. In contrast, there were plenty of players whose height, weight, and reach (not to mention their muscle to fat ratio) were exceptional. Here are the highlights from the full list of players:

Winner: Brandon Aiyuk, WR, Arizona State

Unfortunately we won’t see Aiyuk play this week due to a medical flag, but the speedster’s measurements bolstered his first-round claims. He came in just shy of 6’, weighing 201 lbs. With 10” hands and 33 1/8” arms, Aiyuk had the longest wingspan of any receiver at the event, even the 6’6” Collin Johnson.

Loser: Nick Harris, C, Washington

Harris was the smallest offensive lineman on the roster this year, at 6’1” and 293 lbs. Unless he bulks up heading into the Combine, it’d be tough to find an NFL fit other than teams that run plenty of outside zone blocking. He did struggle to anchor in one-on-ones Tuesday.

Winner: Terrell Lewis, ER, Alabama

Lewis would probably be a first-round pick if not for his injury history, and his weigh-in was one demonstration of his potential. He came in chiseled, standing 6’5” and 258 lbs, with an 83 1/2” wingspan. He looks the part of a strong, explosive edge rusher.

Loser: Essang Bassey, CB, Wake Forest

It was expected, but Bassey unfortunately measured at 5’9” and only 191 lbs, with small hands and a short wingspan. While Bassey has excellent ball skills, he was often outmuscled on contested catches and blocking reps in college, and the list of successful cornerbacks with his size is not very long.

Winner: Khaleke Hudson, S/LB, Michigan

Hudson wowed everyone in the audience when he walked onto the stage looking like a professional bodybuilder. He only measured 5’11” and 218 lbs, but his frame was pure muscle. The question with Hudson is where to play him—he might fit best as a roaming box safety, like a Derwin James.

Winner: Alex Taylor, OT, South Carolina State

As Jeff Risdon put it on Twitter, “Taylor can almost touch his knees without bending.” Not only did he measure almost 6’9”, but he has 11” hands and 36” vines for arms.