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Nick & Nolan: Can Allen “figure it out” if he hasn’t yet?

History might say it’s unlikely

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With Bruce Nolan doing his best Bills-player-in-the-offseason impression and getting some offseason surgery, Jon Ramsey (better known as @YardsPerPass on twitter) joins Nick for this episode. Jon is a former contributor to both Buffalo Rumblings and The Athletic Buffalo.

They review Jon’s opinions on what the Buffalo Bills should do about the primary free agents that are coming up this offseason: Jordan Phillips, Shaq Lawson, and Quinton Spain. On one, Jon is a firm yes, another a firm no, and the last is a lukewarm “whatever.” Which is which?

Jon also shares his favorite “quick & dirty” QB stat, Adjusted Net Yards/Attempt. Jon breaks down what that stat evaluates and explains why it’s his single favorite stat for QB evaluation.

Jon also shares a research project he did on all QBs ANY/A going back to the beginning of the careers of guys like Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb to current day. The project evaluated the first two years of QBs career results and how that predicted what they would be able to accomplish at any point later in their career. After sharing his findings, the guys talk about Josh Allen’s results and how it projects the rest of his career as well as what, if anything, may suggest he will land outside the norm.

As always, come for the knowledge but stay for the soundbites.

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