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Buffalo Bills once again draw huge TV ratings

It may be time for the networks to begin taking notice of the Bills

TV executives should take notice: The Buffalo Bills equal a ratings boost.

Following games against the Dallas Cowboys (Thanksgiving), Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday Night Football on NBC) and New England Patriots (Saturday NFL Network game) that saw big ratings boosts for those respected time slots, the Bills did it again in their loss to the Houston Texans on Saturday in the Wild Card.

ESPN’s broadcast of the Texans’ 22-19 win drew more than 26 million viewers and peaked with 35,450,000 viewers. It is the most highly-rated Saturday Wild Card game since 2014 and was ESPN/ABC’s highest viewed NFL Wild Card game ever.

Locally in Buffalo, it drew an insane 50.9 rating, Buffalo’s highest ever.

Hopefully, these numbers allow Bills fans to enjoy watching their favorite team play in more primetime games for the 2020 season and beyond. It’s clear a fan base long starved to see the Bills showcased in marquee match-ups will tune in en masse—or show up at the game (Titans) or the airport to let the players know how much they support them.