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2020 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills draft picks, post-Playoffs

The draft order is closer to being settled

We’re approximately four months away from the 2020 NFL Draft following the end of the 2019 season—one that saw the Buffalo Bills qualify for the playoffs. Now that the team has made their exit from said playoffs, Buffalo’s 2020 draft picks have begun to come into view.

Unchanged from the last update, the Bills remain in possession of nine total selections in the 2020 draft. However, we now know the specific selections in each round that the team has, with one exception.

The New England Patriots reportedly traded a sixth-round pick to the Bills in compensation for Russell Bodine back in August. However, the Pats lack an original pick in the round, so it’s unclear if they will be trading pick #186, which belonged to the Houston Texans, or pick #176, which belonged to the Denver Broncos.

With that necessary caveat, below is the complete list of 2020 draft picks as they currently stand:

2020 Buffalo Bills Draft Picks

Round Selection Notes
Round Selection Notes
1 22 Bills original selection
2 54 Bills original selection
3 86 Bills original selection
4 118 Bills original selection
5 138 Acquired from Browns for Wyatt Teller
5 150 Bills original selection
6 169 Acquired from Browns for Wyatt Teller
6 182 Bills original selection
6 TBD Acquired from Patriots for Russell Bodine

**Original seventh-round pick traded to Cleveland Browns for Corey Coleman