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Circling the Wagons: Buffalo Bills (4-1) lose to Titans in Tennessee, 42-16

Let’s vent together over this loss to the Titans

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We recap the Buffalo Bills’ 42-16 loss to the Tennessee TItans to fall to 4-1. We discuss which phases of the games were the biggest letdowns for the Bills (spoiler: it was all phases), Josh Allen, the defense, the pass rush (or lack thereof), the special teams, the officiating, the announcing, and lots more! Let’s all vent about this loss on national TV and discuss if it really means anything in the grand scheme of things.

We announce the winner of this week’s giveaway, and we discuss our general thoughts on the game, stats of the game, plays of the game (Sweet Sassy Molassy!), who goes on our Wall of Fame and who goes on the Wall of Shame (and turn to Twitter for some great reaction from our followers). Go Bills!

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