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One Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills serve the Tennessee Titans a win on a silver platter

The Bills’ mistakes gave Tennessee an easy W

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills played, by far, their worst game of the 2020 season and all but handed the Tennessee Titans a win. Through turnovers, penalties, and overall poor play the Bills made it easy on the Titans in Nashville.

The Titans put six touchdowns on the board on Tuesday night. Of those six scoring drives four of them were 30 yards or less. Four times the Titans were given the ball and could’ve spiked it three times and still kicked a relatively comfortable field goal. Three of those four drives were under 20 yards! Even the New York Jets would’ve managed to score some points on those drives.

Through Week 4 of the NFL season the Titans ranked 15th in average starting field position according to Football Outsiders. On Tuesday they had an average starting field position of the 46-yard line—moving them all the way to first place in the NFL in average starting field position.

The Titans scored a big conference win on Tuesday and the Bills might as well have wrapped it up in a bow and mailed it down to Nashville.