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Term “Bills Mafia” trademarked by the Buffalo Bills

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A report Friday morning confirmed that the Buffalo Bills have put a trademark application into motion that would allow the team to own the term “Bills Mafia.” It appears from the application that the claim would allow the Bills to sell merchandise and clothing with the famed “Bills Mafia” insignia immediately attached to the team.

The application appears to have been filed on October 12, 2020. You can find the official application here.

Many fans and supporters of the “Bills Mafia” expressed their concern for what it would mean for the original founders of the slogan in Del Reid, Breyon Harris, and Leslie Wille (who all at present had still been very actively involved in all things Bills Mafia).

The “Bills Mafia” original founder, Del Reid, all but confirmed the news in a tweet Monday afternoon that the news of a trademark application was true. However, Reid and company appear that they will be working with the Pegulas in some capacity as the slogan takes place with the team officially.

It is not clear at this time what role Reid, Harris, and Wille will have with the future of Bills Mafia. The Pegulas reaching out to them is a great sign of hope for those who are looking for a happy marriage.

In multiple statements on Friday, Pegula Sports and Entertainment (PSE) executive vice president Ron Raccuia further clarified that the Bills wish to work together with Reid.

“It doesn’t change what they do at all... we’ve told Del we want him to be a part of this. He’s integral to how this gets developed,” Raccuia told The Buffalo News.

Reid owns the company “26 Shirts” that has produced fan-favorite shirts with a “Bills Mafia” theme. The catch being that every shirt purchased results in a charitable donation to a “specified family in need or a charitable organization” according to their website.

Although just recent news, this development seems to be very positive for both parties whether it be the original regime that includes Reid, Harris, and Wille or if it is the Buffalo Bills carrying on this remarkable fan tradition explained here at The Athletic.

Bills Mafia seems to be in very good hands as the brand broadens and new ideas are formulated.