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Buffalo Bills fan confidence teeters slightly after loss to Tennessee Titans

Bills fans are still pretty enthusiatic.

Buffalo Bills fans are usually a pretty fickle group, but they’ve kept their wits about them in the latest round of SB Nation Reacts voting. After a couple weeks of 100% fan confidence in the direction of the team, only 3% of fans dropped off after the team’s bizarre Tuesday night loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the only team at 100% and the only team ahead of Bills fans. Tied with Buffalo were fans of the Carolina Panthers and Los Angeles Rams. Kansas City Chiefs fans, Buffalo’s next opponent, dropped to 91% after their most recent loss.

Around the AFC East, fans of the Miami Dolphins are really getting into the spirit and were at 86% heading into the weekend. A big win for them over the New York Jets should bump that up even more. Meanwhile, fans of the Jets were at 9% after hitting rock bottom at 3% the week prior and could go even lower this week. Fans of the New England Patriots stayed 91% confident after their team’s bye week.

It will definitely be interesting to see how everything shifts this week.