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Buffalo Bills 10, Kansas City Chiefs 13: Second-half open thread

The Bills have kept up with the Chiefs, so far.

Through two quarters of a rain-soaked Monday, the Buffalo Bills are trailing the Kansas City Chiefs 10-13. A combination of pounding precipitation and physically aggressive defense has grounded Buffalo’s high-flying offense, but they’re still in the thick of it. Josh Allen’s completion percentage isn’t up to his usual standards, thanks to drops, near-misses on deep throws, and several pass breakups. But some key running plays led to a field goal drive, and Stefon Diggs landed a gorgeous “toe drag swag” catch in the end zone for Buffalo’s only touchdown.

Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes finished the first half with an uncharacteristic 119 passing yards and nine rushing yards. But he did land two touchdown passes to Travis Kelce, and he’s had huge help from rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who’s racked up a whopping 94 rushing yards on ten carries. A missed extra point kept this one close at the half.

Buffalo’s defense has struggled tonight, but came up clutch late in the first half when A.J. Klein forced a fumble as the Chiefs tried driving in the waning seconds of the half. Allen-Diggs set up a 52-yard field goal with one second left, but Tyler Bass pulled it wide, wide right.

The Bills planned to switch up their nickel cornerback responsibilities, with Cam Lewis taking the field over Taron Johnson in the first quarter. But Lewis suffered a wrist injury and headed to the locker room, returning things to the status quo.

Buffalo was also hoping to revitalize their pass rush, with promising returns so far. They have two sacks so far tonight, which is two more than they had all of last week.

The Chiefs will receive the second-half kickoff. Buffalo needs to keep up on offense, as Kansas City’s 13 points on 232 yards is a leaking dam that won’t hold forever. Here’s our open thread for the rest of the game. Go Bills!