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Wingin’ It: Going Gold for Bills at Raiders

You won’t need to pull any levers to get a pile of gold this week

Where there’s football, there’s food. There are many great options in the category of “traditional fare” but you might be in the mood for something different. Wingin’ It has you covered with a new Buffalo sauce-inspired recipe every week of the Buffalo Bills’ season. Get ready to win big in your kitchen as the Bills get ready for the Las Vegas Raiders!

Buffalo Gold

Alright! A new city, which means we get to explore the local fare. Before doing the research on the city I made a joke earlier this year saying Las Vegas’ signature food was likely to be “free buffet as long as you’re gambling.” After extensive research, what I’ve discovered is that Las Vegas’ signature food is free buffet as long as you’re gambling. Seriously. I found numerous places/people that said “We don’t really have one.” A few others said “Nevada grows a pretty good amount of onions I guess.” There’s no signature onion dish, they’re just among the top ten states for growing them.

So what do buffets usually have? Wings. Who makes the best wings? We do. What else is Vegas known for? Gambling, money, shiny, and bright things. Gold. Around spring time I discovered a local place putting what they called “Buffalo Gold” sauce on things. So here’s my replica version of that for your slots-free pile of gold during the game!

Gold sauce

Serves: 6-8
Active Time: 10 min
Total Time: 10 min


Gold sauce
12 cup hot sauce
12 cup honey mustard
1 tsp garlic powder
12 tsp onion powder
12 stick unsalted butter
1 pile of your favorite wings*


  1. Make sauce: Add hot sauce and honey mustard in large saucepan on MED; stir for 1 min.
  2. Add garlic and onion powder; stir frequently 5-6 min.
  3. Remove from heat and stir in butter**.
  4. Add wings to sauce and toss, toss, toss***.

Wingin’ It Tips

  • *Just like I point out the other times we’ve focused strictly on the sauce, feel free to make or order your favorite wings here. I went with air fried—which I highly recommend.
  • **If butter doesn’t melt all the way in, heat using the lowest setting possible until the sauce is blended. I also usually shoot for a medium sauce for these. Add butter for mild, reduce butter or use a hotter base sauce if you want more heat.
  • ***You should have enough sauce to coat a few dozen wings.

BONUS thing! Rose Gold sauce

Buffalo Gold

If you really want to try something different swap out the 12 cup honey mustard for 14 cup prepared mustard and 14 strawberry jelly. I know it sounds weird but trust me on this one. I can point you to a place in the area that uses grape jelly and their wings are fantastic. Incidentally you can also use grape jelly here but I don’t know what type of gold to call it. (Grimace Gold, anyone?) For the mustard, you can do the standard yellow, but feel free to experiment with that as well.

The above picture has the Rose Gold wings on the right. In the pan/container it’s very easy to tell the difference between the two. On the wings it can be a little tougher.