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Bills vs Titans in serious doubt following another positive COVID-19 result

It’s not looking good for Sunday

More bad news for the Tennessee Titans as it’s being reported that two new positive tests have been recorded Thursday. This includes one brand new positive and another test taht had been inconclusive yesterday. This brings the total to 23 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among the Titans’ organization since the saga began in late September. Currently the latest names of the specific impacted players are unknown, but it’s up to 12.

The new cases this week have kept the doors of Tennessee’s facilities closed and cast a large shadow over Sunday’s game. With a delay looking like a certainty at minimum, Buffalo Bills fans should start looking for alternative plans for this Sunday. The soonest the Titans could even return to their facility is Sunday.

In addition to the slew of cases this week, a report of COVID protocol breaches including mask violations, outside practices that weren’t supposed to take place and others the “f” word is starting to be tossed around quite a bit. That word of course is “forfeit.”

While there is some question with the league’s vague forfeit rule on whether a team can be forced to abandon a game, the Titans could still see their hand forced. Specifically, if the league determines a reschedule cannot occur it could theoretically lead to a determination that the Titans are unable to move forward with the contest.

All of this is speculative at the moment and we’ll keep you updated on what’s sure to be an interesting Thursday. As a blog, we looked at some potential options but choices are starting to dwindle.