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If the Titans are forced to forfeit their game with the Bills, how would you feel?

Our new world is dominated by COVID-19, and it hasn’t spared the National Football League.

The other day, my dad was talking to me about this week’s upcoming game against the Tennessee Titans. He said that he hopes they play. He wants the Buffalo Bills to beat the Titans fair and square on Sunday and it wouldn’t feel as validated if the NFL just gave the Bills the win to move to 5-0 if the Titans violated COVID-19 protocols. I’m on the fence with this discussion.

While some people might want to have the game played and see the Bills beat the Titans on the field and not via forfeiture, there will always be a discussion from some people claiming that it’s not as good of a win because of the fact that many Titans players will be out due to being placed on the COVID-19 list. They haven’t even had the opportunity to practice at all this week or be in the building since it’s closed. So if they do play by some small chance, just how different will a good Titans team look without any practice at all this week and little to no preparations?

There also will be a group of people who might not care how the win comes. If it’s by the Bills winning on the field, that’s great with them. If the game is not played and a win is awarded to the Bills through a forfeit, that’s fine with them as well. A win is a win no matter how they get it is what the argument for this scenario might be.

Then there also may be the group of people who might want the game to be canceled and rescheduled for a later date. They may want it rescheduled in fear of the health of the players. Players may possibly be positive for the coronavirus and still be playing on the field on Sunday. Defensive tackle Maurice Hurst of the Las Vegas Raiders, who just played the Bills this past week, tested positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday and was placed on the COVID-19 reserve list. He could have been infected during the game. That same problem could arise this upcoming week if the game is played, and fans might not want the Bills to take that risk and would prefer to cancel and reschedule the game.

So where are you on this stance? Are you someone who wants the game to be played on Sunday and hope the Bills win on the field, give the Bills a win via a forfeit, or see the game rescheduled at another time when the Titans have their outbreak under control?


How would you feel about a Titans forfeit?

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