Interesting AFL origins story on GangGreenNation. Cut/Paste link provided.

I was taking my daily loop around GGN -- yes, I feel dirty doing it, but it's just so much fun -- and came across this story.

Link --

Being Part 1, I suspect future stories will be J-E-T-S centric. This one does a nice job covering the beginnings of the whole league.

I'm not sure of SB Nation copyright rules, so I won't post all of the Bills' material. This is part of what the writer had to say about Ralph Wilson and the Bills.

3) The Buffalo Bills owned by Ralph Wilson. First head coach: Buster Ramsey.

A Navy vet and University of Virginia graduate, Wilson took over his father’s insurance business after the war. He grew the business, investing in manufacturing and mining. He became a minority owner of the Detroit Lions until he was enticed to have his own team in the AFL. He wanted to start a franchise in Seattle or Miami but was rebuffed by those cities. Wilson then put his franchise in Buffalo, New York.

It's not a long story, but well worth the read. Just remember to clean up thoroughly after visiting that site of the AFC East unwashed.

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