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Buffalo Bills fans regain confidence after win over Seattle Seahawks

That’s more like it.

Fans of the Buffalo Bills didn’t fall off a ledge when their team went on a two-game slide, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans. Similarly, they haven’t responded with resounding confidence after their most recent wins over the New York Jets, New England Patriots, and Seattle Seahawks. Right now, 95% of Bills fans are confident in the direction of the team.

Frankly, I’m surprised it’s not higher. The Seahawks game may have been the most impressive win of the season and maybe even the entire Sean McDermott era. Still, fans weren’t able to be in 100 percent agreement like they were after the team’s red-hot 4-0 start.

Fans of the Tennessee Titans and Las Vegas Raiders lead the league with 100 percent fan confidence, though that was measured before Tennessee’s loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins are at 97 percent confident, and the only other teams ahead of Buffalo in the metric. On the other end, fans of the Detroit Lions are the only ones in single digits, with just 4 percent fan confidence.

In the AFC East, Miami leads Buffalo followed by the New England Patriots (35 percent) and New York Jets (19 percent).

There were two more national SBNation Reacts polls that might interest fans, and both of them place Bills’ QB Josh Allen in the mix for league awards at the end of the year. Allen finished fourth of six players in the Offensive Player of the Year voting and third out of eight players in the race for MVP.