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Buffalo Bills are running out of demons to exorcise

Take another one off the list

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The to-do list for general manager Brandon Beane and head coach Sean McDermott is rapidly shrinking, and with it, the ghosts of previous regimes and the woes of one of pro sports most faithful and passionate fanbases. While 2020 may have thrown the biggest monkey wrench the world has seen in generations, it seems to be treating the Buffalo Bills and their fans fairly well. While 2019 saw the Bills lay waste to their once-Super Bowl NFC East foes, this year seems to be all about vanquishing those demons in the AFC East. Let’s recap here:

  • Get a competent coach & GM combo: CHECK
  • Break the playoff drought: CHECK
  • Get the quarterback of the future: CHECK
  • Have a 300-yard passer: CHECK
  • Have a 400-yard passer: CHECK
  • Beat the Patriots: CHECK
  • Win the AFC East: ??
  • Win a playoff game: ??

The New England Patriots are mortal. Not only are they mortal, the Bills have found a way to steal a win from them in a game that felt like it was going to end in a typically “Billsy” way.

The Buffalo Bills have exorcised a lot of demons in 2020, and a couple briefly before. The season is far from over, but the collapse would be monumental for the Bills not to finish off another one in winning the AFC east this season. Josh Allen’s ascendance and the entire Bills’ offense flashing brilliance is a sight for the sorest of eyes. While there are plenty of improvements available (COUGH*the defense*COUGH) to this team, there is also a path of opportunity present, which previous incarnations of the Bills have failed to capitalize on.

The Seattle Seahawks are coming to town in a game that will test every strength and weakness the Bills have. In the meantime, Bills fans can enjoy one of the rarest and sweetest pleasures afforded the fanbase—savoring a sweetly dramatic victory over Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots.