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Buffalo Bills’ fan confidence drops over bye week


The Buffalo Bills didn’t play a game last week, but fan confidence still fell. It was 95 percent before their loss to the Arizona Cardinals, then 92 percent following the last-second loss, and now it’s down slightly to 90 percent.

At the top of the list are fans of the Las Vegas Raiders and New Orleans Saints, who are 100 percent confident. At the bottom, fans of the Atlanta Falcons (0 percent), Detroit Lions (2 percent), and Philadelphia Eagles (5 percent) are in the single digits. Detroit has fired their general manager and head coach since voting took place.

In the AFC East, fans of the Miami Dolphins still lead the division, tied with fans of the Buffalo Bills at 90 percent. Fans of the New England Patriots tumbled from the 70s to 38 percent and New York Jets fans are somehow still 13 percent confident.

For Thanksgiving, each team’s fans were given the choice of iconic parts of dinner to select as their team. While some teams went with leftovers, alcohol, or stuffing, Bills fans voted and the current team in Buffalo was labeled as the turkey leg of NFL teams. We can see why: