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Buffalo Bills will play against San Francisco 49ers in Arizona on Monday night

Due to COVID-19, the game can’t be played in Santa Clara County.

Two weeks ago, the Buffalo Bills lost a nailbiter to the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. Now the Bills are set to return to Glendale for their showdown with the San Francisco 49ers. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Santa Clara County, the 49ers aren’t allowed to hold any sporting events for the next three weeks. After the Cardinals extended an offer to host the 49ers, the franchise made the announcement that they’ve agreed to play their next two “home” games from Arizona.

Home field advantage is a lost art this year, with stadiums only filling up to around ten percent capacity through the pandemic’s risk and restrictions. But a west coast trip still takes a team out of its comfort zone—so forcing the 49ers to travel for this game will help to even the odds. The Bills still have to contend with the psychological effect of playing another game in the stadium where they were “Mossed” into defeat not even a month ago, but at least the opponent is different.