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Pittsburgh Steelers’ schedule altered prior to Buffalo Bills game due to COVID-19

The Bills will benefit.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were supposed to have one more day of rest before playing the Buffalo Bills in Week 14. That day has evaporated thanks to the rampant COVID-19 positives in the Baltimore Ravens’ locker room.

Originally scheduled for Thanksgiving night, the Steelers’ game against the Ravens was moved to Sunday, then Tuesday, and has now settled into this Wednesday night according to multiple reports. From November 26 to December 2, the game was pushed out almost a week.

To compensate for the movement of the game, Pittsburgh’s game against the Washington Football Team, originally scheduled for Sunday, December 6, has been moved back to Monday, December 7 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

On December 7, the Bills play on Monday Night Football at 8 p.m. EST. (That game was moved from San Francisco to Arizona because of COVID-19 restrictions in Santa Clara, California.) That means instead of the Steelers getting an extra day to prepare for Buffalo, they get just a few hours more than the Bills.

The Bills’ game against the Tennessee Titans earlier this season was moved from a Sunday kickoff to a Tuesday night for similar reasons. 2020 is fun, isn’t it?