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Buff Hub: Upset Alert! Bills vs Seahawks Feat. Dan Mitchell

Buff Hub: Bills vs Seahawks Feat. Dan Mitchell

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In this episode, Steve Vega features Dan Mitchell (Buffalo Bills Youtuber, Bleav in Bills Podcast w/ former Bills’ safety Aaron Williams). Together Steve and Dan tackle the loaded matchup between the Buffalo Bills vs Seattle Seahawks with the Buffalo Bills’ playoff-ready reputation on the line. Losing to the Tennessee Titans and Kansas Chiefs led the national audience and critics to quickly remove them from the Super Bowl chatter.

Josh Allen and head coach Sean McDermott once again sit on the cusp of a chapter that can alter the Bills’ future. With a “top-three toughest” four-game stretch ahead, against the NFC west and one AFC west opponent, this is a chance like no other since 90’s Bills to prove their dominance. Some players mentioned were: Matt Milano, Russell Wilson, Josh Allen, and Zach Moss.

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