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Buffalo Bills Betting Lines: Bets are up on Seattle Seahawks but spread staying at 3

Vegas expects a shootout over smashmouth

Buffalo Bills v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Every week, three betting lines are released by the various sports books around the country, primarily based on those in Las Vegas. Those are the spread, the over/under, and the money line. The spread is the number of points a team must win by to “cover.” The over/under is the total number of combined points expected to be scored in the game. And the money line indicates how much you must bet on a favored team in order to win $100 (indicated with a “-” before the number) or the amount you would win if you bet $100 on an underdog team (indicated with a “+”).

Most sports books opened with the Seattle Seahawks as 3-point favorites over the Buffalo Bills. This has hardly changed since the books opened a week ago; only a few places exist where a different, slightly smaller line of 2.5, is available to bet.

The real movement or change that has taken place over the week has been on the money line. Early in the week most books had the Seahawks at -140 but that line has increased to -160 in most places which indicates that most money has been bet on the Seahawks throughout the week. The Bills were starting the week at +120 to +130 in most books and now has increased to +135 or +140 in most places.

Conversely to last week’s over/under, the number has actually INCREASED as the week has gone on. Early in the week, most books were sitting at 51 for the over/under but that has increased almost everywhere to 55 with at least one place offering 55.5. Sunday’s forecast is set to be perfect football weather. With two teams that have shown significant defensive vulnerabilities and offensives that can be explosive, a shootout rather than a defensive slog seems more likely according to the oddsmakers.