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Bills fans help Josh Allen celebrate his late grandmother’s life

Bills Mafia demonstrating that “mafia” means “family”

Following the Buffalo Bills’ victory over the Seattle Seahawks, head coach Sean McDermott and the Bills announced that it was an emotional victory for Josh Allen after his grandma passed away on Saturday night. The team also announced it was Allen’s decision to play on Sunday. His mother indicated this was the right decision.

How did Bills fans respond to this news? The same way they do to a lot of news. They donated to charity. On Sunday night, user SlinkyJoe on the Bills’ Reddit sub encouraged everyone to donate $17 increments to Oishei Children’s hospital—a cause that’s been near to Allen’s heart since joining the Bills. This was quickly picked up on Twitter as well by @UberHansen and amplified by prominent community members such as Del Reid.

It’s since taken off. As of approximately 11 a.m. EST this morning the total donated was already up to $24,000 and “growing by the minute” per WGRZ’s Lauren Hall. Fans can join in on the celebration of life by clicking here.

For more information and a statement from The Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Foundation click through here.


The total is over $260,000 now and the hospital added a live ticker so you can see the total updated every five minutes or so.