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Pittsburgh Steelers traveling to Buffalo Sunday morning to face Bills

They’re claiming it is because of all their schedule changes.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are flying to Buffalo this morning to face the Bills on Sunday Night Football. Normally teams are required to travel the day before a game but they received special permission from the league and the nighttime kickoff provided the opportunity.

The Steelers had their last two games moved due to a COVID-19 outbreak with the Baltimore Ravens prior to Thanksgiving. Almost a week later, the two teams squared off on Wednesday, December 2 before the Steelers played the Washington Football Team on Monday, December 7.

The Bills also played on Monday night, December 7, and did so in Arizona before flying home that night. So I don’t know why the Steelers are complaining.

Steelers tight end Eric Ebron complained that the Steelers were going to have to play three games in 12 days due to the changes. But lots of NFL teams play three games in 12 days playing Sunday, the next Sunday, and the following Thursday.

As long as Pittsburgh is making excuses—and they are making excuses—it’s in their head and helps the Bills. Players and fans have cited the shifting schedule for the Steelers’ first loss of the season last week. The Bills lost their first two games after their schedule was altered in a similar manner in October.