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NFL Week 13 early games open thread

Come talk about football while we wait for Sunday Night Football!

Bummer, right? The Buffalo Bills aren't playing until tonight, which means we need to hold onto our horses (Bison?) to have the football conversation we're looking for today.

What can we fill the void of Buffalo Bills football chatter with in the meantime? How about some other games? There's plenty of compelling stories today. Will the New York Jets finally get a win? Will “Tompa Bay” drop another one so we can giggle about it?

If you're curious how each game's result will impact the Bills and haven't checked it out yet, make sure to head over to Rumblings' Rooting Interests, courtesy of Matt Warren.

There you can find out how important a Kansas City loss is to seeding at the top of the AFC. That does come with a Miami Dolphins victory though. Fans wanting to lock up the AFC East as early as possible would rather see the Fins take a loss today—likely of the embarrassing kind.

Either way, come chat with your fellow Rumblers as we march to the playoffs!