Justin Herbert -- AFC East related

After what I saw last night, and really, all season, I want to thank our AFC East rivals for not drafting Justin Herbert. That kid is a star right now, and will likely compete with our very own JA17 for MVP honors in the coming seasons.

I'm sure the Dolphins are pleased with Tua T., and I'm also sure he'll give the Bills a difficult time or two in the coming years. But he isn't in Justin's league, IMO. Tua may change my mind on that, but it's not likely.

The Patriots didn't have a first round pick so it would have been tough to do, but can you imagine Belichick trading up and grabbing Justin? I don't think I'm far off in saying if he were in Foxboro this season, the Patriots would be much better than the stuttering, offensively challenged bunch we've seen thus far.

And as for the Jets, thank you for already having Sam Darnold. And an even bigger thank you for employing Adam Gase.

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