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The Buffalo Bills have clinched the AFC East and a playoff berth

2020, man.

The Buffalo Bills have clinched a playoff berth at 11-3. For the first time since 1995, Buffalo will get the hat and the t-shirt and the home playoff game after clinching the AFC East Championship!

For starters, it’s the third time in four years head coach Sean McDermott’s squad will be in the postseason. It’s a great accomplishment for a team that went the previous 17 season without a playoff appearance.

The New England Patriots had won 11 straight AFC East titles and shared the best record in the division for every season since 2001. That ends this year, as Buffalo at 11-3 can’t be caught by the 6-7 Patriots, even for a tie. The 8-4 Miami Dolphins can’t surpass the Bills thanks to tiebreakers. The 0-12 New York Jets are in the driver’s seat for the top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Buffalo’s attention now turns to playoff seeding. With the Tennessee Titans hot on their heels, the Bills may not be able to rest their starters down the stretch. They also have a good shot of surpassing the Pittsburgh Steelers for second place in the conference if Buffalo can keep it up in the win column.