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Stefon Diggs breaks Buffalo Bills’ receptions record

Hopefully the first of many rewritten records.

Stefon Diggs didn’t take long to set the standard for a new era of Buffalo Bills receivers. In his first year with the team, the star playmaker has already claimed the franchise record for receptions in a season. Diggs broke the record with his first catch of the game against the Denver Broncos, officially putting his season total at 101.

The former record was held by three-time Pro Bowl receiver Eric Moulds, an all-time Bills great. Moulds reached 100 catches on 180 targets in his 16th game of the 2002 season. For Diggs, it only took until game number 14. He also reached 100 catches on much fewer targets - only 134.

Diggs still has a chance to break one more receiving record this year. After 13 games, Diggs had 1167 receiving yards. The single-season record, set by Moulds in 1998, is 1368. Just 202 yards in his final three games would give Diggs that stat, too.

As for touchdowns? It’s probably out of reach for Diggs this year. He entered the Broncos game with five touchdowns, and the franchise record is 11—set by Bill Brooks in 1995. Six touchdowns in three weeks is a tall order, even for Stefon Diggs.