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NFL Week 12 Wednesday game open thread: Steelers vs. Ravens

The week that would not end

Week 12 of the 2020 season has been the longest the NFL schedule since its inception over 100 seasons ago. Hello, 2020! If you recall, the first game of this epic week began in Michigan last Thursday at 12:30 as the Detroit Lions hosted the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving Day. To keep with this week’s theme, this open thread is a bit late itself, but we wanted to give Buffalo Bills fans a place to discuss this strangest of days for the league.

This is only the second time the NFL has played a game on Wednesday. The first actually came not so long ago, when the 2012 regular-season opener featuring the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys moved from Thursday to Wednesday to avoid any potential conflicts with then-President Barak Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

As we’re already keenly aware, this season has been unlike any we’ve ever witnessed. From changes to the NFL Draft, training camps, preseason games, and the regular season—teams have had to adapt to an ever-changing dynamic when most players thrive on regimented schedules.

During halftime of the Pittsburgh Steelers-Baltimore Ravens game, NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell stated in an interview with NBC’s Mike Tirico that the league would likely not consider bubbles. To be sure, there will be more discussion around that nugget. We’ll keep you updated on that front should any news break.

Remember, if you’re working remotely, be sure to mute the TV while you’re on that zoom meeting! Wednesday NFL football FTW? FTW!