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Thousands show up for AFC East champion Buffalo Bills’ return

Bills fans tailgated a plane landing.

Buffalo Bills fans haven’t been able to gather in parking lots near Bills Stadium nor venture inside to cheer on their team in action in 2020. COVID-19 restrictions have closed those organized activities. On Sunday morning, Bills fans found a way to tailgate and gather to cheer on their team anyway by descending on the airport in Buffalo as the team returned from Denver after clinching their first division title in 25 years.

The Bills’ plane touched down around 1:30 a.m. EST, and thousands of fans were there chanting “MVP!” at quarterback Josh Allen and surrounding players’ cars as they drove off the property. For many, including rookies and new free agents, it was their first real taste of Bills Mafia and they were grateful.

It wasn’t just in Buffalo, either, as members of the Colorado Bills Backers club met the Bills before their departure at the Denver airport.

Below, I’m going to dump a bunch of videos and pictures and links to photo galleries at other news outlets to collect all the fun in one picture. As you can see, most of the fans were masked and it was outside. The interactions between players and fans were also in a quick enough timeframe where it’s not likely that the celebrating could impact the team’s coronavirus exposure risk.