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NFL weekend open thread: Buffalo Bills looking for some clinching scenario help

We’re watching some games this weekend.

The Buffalo Bills don’t play until Monday Night Football but that doesn’t mean we aren’t rooting for certain outcomes this weekend and watching football! We have a few different thing we are looking for, and those are outlined below.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us here at Buffalo Rumblings. Hopefully all the Josh Allen jerseys came in on time and were safely tucked under your trees.

The Buffalo Bills can clinch the two seed this Monday with a few games going their way. They need the Indianapolis Colts to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers to beat the Tennessee Titans. We’d also be more than 99 percent certain of a Bills two seed with a Steelers loss coupled with the Cleveland Browns beating the New York Jets.

Buffalo also has an outside shot at the one seed, but would need a crazy multi-game parlay to make that work.

If you’re interested in the full explanation of the rooting interests, hop into our article explaining them here.

Below, the comments section is yours. We’ll keep it up for the games Saturday and Sunday.